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      My name is Carter Henrie and I am the owner of Henrie's Heating and Air. I have been in the HVAC industry for 6 years. Working on everything from air conditioner repair, installing ductwork that stood over a story tall, to running thousands of feet of copper pipe. While I have spent countless hours in training classes, getting certifications, and even attending school full time after working all day long, THE most important thing I have learned is why I do what I do.


        I have always been a problem solver, and HVAC has been a great way for me to challenge myself everyday to keep improving in mastering my craft! By taking pride in my work and valuing my own time, I learned a very valuable lesson, quality work will sell itself. Now as simple as that may sound, Henrie's Heating and Air is dedicated to keeping quality and value over anything else. I believe by accepting nothing but quality work, and going above and beyond whenever possible, I'm able to provide an amazing one of a kind experience with each and every customer!

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